About Us


             "Happy Animals, Healthy Customers, Happy Farmers"

Boroughs Farm Market began 2008 and our mission is to provide the freshest, highest quality and Virginia Grown products to you and your family. Boroughs Farm Market is   a group of hard-working farm families dedicated to growing and producing healthy food. 


Boroughs Farm Market is Virginia's Online Resource for as natural, locally-grown and produced food serving both central and eastern Virginia. Most everything that a household needs can be found grown, produced or created with Boroughs Land Farms and Partners. Items you will find here year-round include Fresh Eggs, Beef, Bison, Chicken and Pork, Fresh Seafood, Fresh-Picked Vegetables, Products and a wide selection of Pantry Goods.

Boroughs Land Farm has been a continually run family operation since 1924. Currently, Robert, Rudy, wife Jill Boroughs takes care of his friends and customers at the Farmers Markets as well as those that buy directly from the farm. His brother, Elwood, cuts hay & helps with the livestock. Rudy and Jill, the owners, together with the partners help with  the crops  and taking care with the livestock, & assists at the markets.


Our meats are raised as proper as we can raise them. Our meats have no carbon monoxide nor salt water injections. According to "Mother Earth News", when you buy meats from the store, you may be buying up to 30% salt water injections; therefore getting 30% less meat!

We can meet your needs year-round with special pricing on meats, seafood, produce, eggs, chicken, butter & more. We also have available, for purchase, whole hogs, 1/2 hogs, & split sides of beef for your freezer. My customers call and place their order & I have it ready in a few days for pick-up or delivery. You can also find us at several local Farmers Markets.

We have winter time delivers to certain drop off areas.    We have weekly Specials and freezer Specials.  You may but together your own special or CSA for special pricing.


We currently have a limited supply of Smoked Hams - place your order now! We also have hickory-smoked, salt-cured, thick-sliced bacon & seasoning meats. Don't forget to ask about our "Package Deals" when calling to place your order - the more you buy, the more you save!

We have scallops, shrimp, oysters, crab meat that is a big seller of ours.  Our Seafood mostly comes from the waters of the Norther Neck of Va.

Boroughs Land Farms ships a lot of their products to several different states.  We sell to different restaurants.

Our processor is located in Maryland near the Delaware line.  The reason we go that far he treats our animals in a human way. Our meats are USDA inspected and vacuum pack. Our Mother livestock that are used for breeding purposes are born on the farm and most of them pass away on the farm.  That is how much we care for our animals.